1969 VW Type III Squareback


Here are some old pictures of what my Squareback looks like.

Right now the car is pretty much stripped to a shell (except for wiring) and sitting in my father-in-law's garage awaiting restoration.  The car was rear-ended so a new rear apron needs to be welded in, along with a new driver's side rear fender.  The car also has some rust in other strange locations which need to be fixed as well.  But the chassis itself is in good condition.

Plans for the car include body repair and repainting to the original cobalt blue.  It will be slightly lowered on chrome rims.  The motor will most likely be a 1776cc or a 1914cc.  A turbo is also under consideration.

Current motor specs:

Gene Berg 1 1/2 qt oil sump
Gene Berg full flow pump cover and filter
New engine case (machined for 90.5mm cylinders and full-flow)
26mm Oil pump, blue-printed
HD rocker shafts
Engle 110 cam
CB Performance 044 Cylinder heads (40x35.5 S/S valves, single springs, chromoly retainers, sure-grip locks)
69mm crankshaft, counter-weighted, balanced and 8 doweled
Lightweight flywheel
HD gland nut
Stock connecting rods and bolts
Stock 1.1:1 rocker arms
Stock push rods
Dual Dell'Orto 40mm dual barrel carbs
Roughly 8:1 compression

Current photos